Mocnikova-Zivaci-Italie-bag-1024-bridge-003 Our bags are made in beautiful Italy, by Italian artisan with over 300 years of experience. And so we go regularly looking for new collections in ateliers (workshops) in Italy. 

We visit the ateliers in and around Florence, where we like to talk to the owners about what beautiful bags they have made and in what colors they are available. A special relationship we have with the owner of the Atelier of Pietro and Luisa in the south of Florence. Prior to do "business" we are invited first for lunch or dinner with the whole family.

Doing business sounds so commercially, but in Italy business it gets a different meaning. You can rather speak of friends where we buy from, they made our bags with love and passion with their own hands. And we are happy to pay these friends a fair price for these products made with devotion. We are talking about an artisanal product and not a mass product from an assembly line produced by robots.

And when you have a new model of a bag in your hands and you see and feel how beautiful it’s finished, even me as a man I fall “in love" on this beautiful bag, which delicious smells of leather. I think this is the feeling that’s a woman feels when she choose and carry a bag. And this are the bags that we like to offer for our fashion conscious woman who knows value of a bag to estimate.

“no women is complete without her bag”

Arrivederci Amici, 
John Mocnik.

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