mocnikova-handbags-handmade-in-italyYou ask any woman what her favorite thing to purchases is and the answer is more than likely going to be handbags and shoes. Women seem to have an undying fascination with luxury handbags.

The bigger and the more expensive the better. However, with that being said, those two things do not always equal quality. To be frank, it is the true handcrafted quality of a handbag that in fact makes it luxurious. Looking beyond the name brands and construction alone, true leather handbags that are handcrafted, truly reign supreme in quality and functionality. With so much dedication to owning the best handbag, it poses three serious questions about them. When did they become such a trend, why are women so dedicated to their handbags, and which handbag is ultimately the best to carry? Let's take a look at these questions and find out. Instagram-mocnikovas-are-like-fries-you-cant-buy-just-one-small


At what point in our culture did owning a handbag become such necessity? Handbags have been in use since the human race needed to carry valuable items. However, traditionally speaking, it was the men who carried them because they kept the money. It wasn't until the early 19th century that the handbags came to the forefront of society, taking on a mind of its own. And finally after the 1970's when designer labels became all the rage, designer handbags truly took hold of our current culture.


The question of why a hand bag is so important to carry is easily answered. It is a symbol of money and status, just as it was hundreds of years ago. The bigger and more expensive your bag seemingly directly reflects on your social status. However stereotypical this may sound there is truth behind it. There are places that now ‘rent’ out expensive handbags to ladies who are going to be seen on special occasions. If this wasn’t directly linked to status, we would not have such website in place. It’s fair to say that not all women think this way, and some simply need a good quality purse regardless of brand or label.


With so many to choose from, the third and most important question is which bag to you pick and whose label do you carry? Do you go with a name brand that will coast you as much as your house payment? Do you go with a department store brand that may not hold up for you too well? Or do you do your research and find a high quality, perfectly price, handcrafted purse that you are not going to see on every other woman shoulder? The designer at Mocnikova feels that each bag should be of both the highest quality craftsmanship and affordable to most women. The designs are also so classic yet trend setting that you will be hard pressed to find an equal.

Your handbag says a great deal about you, wouldn’t you want it to say that you are a uniquely original woman with a sense of fabulous style? I know I would…