Mocnikova-Bellandonna-horizonblogMocnikova is a brand that will supply you with a beautiful and well crafted handbags. We provide handmade leather bags and have much variety in many colors. We have bags of all the types ranging from clutches to hard made back packs.

They introduced a new product that is the scarf they are in many colors all are of bright colors and have the best look in them. Now back to the bags so our bags are very hard worked and I take many hours to bring a good bag in shape and its form. The bags here are made by the craftsman of Europe that is already very popular for their handmade bags. Now it would be good to have something about the bags that we provide. 


The first thing is the hand bags that we supply we have a versatile range of hand bags that are cheap as well as fashionable. The hand bags are made up of pure leather. Hand bags that are made of leather are much durable so do not have to worry to change a bag once a month it will do much for you for upcoming 1 or 2 years. The colors that we provide are diver’s colors like red, yellow or black. So the price for our handmade hand bags is ranging from 100 to 250 Euros. This price is not much for much worked and a crafted bag.


We also provide our customer with clutches. The clutches that we provide are of best quality in the whole wide world. They are very popular among the Asian region for the reason that they are handmade and have the best quality and leather used in it. These clutches come at a very low price that anyone can afford and that ranges from 70 up to 100 Euro.

Shoulder bags

Now for the common and the used type of the bag and that is shoulder bag. They have the best material used in it and that is pure leather. These shoulder bags have a lot of designs in them and will enhance your fashionable look. The shoulder bags have the colors from most exotic to the plain colors. These bags have long life as they are made up of good leather. These bags are hand designed and the made and have the much human hours of work on them. These bags are very famous foe the reason that they are hand crafted. Now for the price they range from the price of 100 to 200 Euros.

Silk scarf’s

We now have a new product and that is the silk scarfs. These things are very good and handmade. They have the most beautiful colors and are made of pure silk. They have the printed and plain color type. These silk scarf’s will enhance your good look if you wear them with a matching bag and you will get a thumbs u for the look. The price of these scarfs is very low and it will cost you just 15 to 20 Euro to have this scarf.