The summer is coming and you can take your summer clothes out of your dusty wardrobe. Because we love the summer just as much as you do we want to share 5 tips with you to match your summer outfit with your perfect Mocnikova bag!

1. Don’t match till infinity

Thanks to the endless color options it is possible to match everything you wear to the finest detail. It doesn't mean you should do that. Instead of simply relying on color, consider the texture and style of your bag for a look that’s fully complementary.        

2. Let a print be your guide

Find a print that you love and break it down into its different colors. After that you can make the perfect outfit for yourself. You can mix black and white with the different colours in the print. If you love the print you will love the match of colours into your outfit as well. leatherswatchessmall3. No doubt: black and white always match

Even in the summer; black and white always match. Neutral colors are great for color mixing, but black and white will be the start of your outfit, always. With black and white in your outfit you don’t have to be boring and most important; you simply cannot go wrong.          

4. Just change a winning team 

Your favorite outfit is cool and everybody loves it. But without other items you would be soon noticed as the ‘never changing woman’. Alf Ramsey would say “Never change a winning team”, but without substitutes you cannot last the full game. That’s why you need more than one superb outfit.          

5. Make your own rules just to break them

Fashion rules are there to be broken. Be yourself and be unique. If you can be different, and want to be different you have to be different. Always consider the shape, color, and material of your stuff before mixing and matching, but don’t let that hold you from experimenting with your look.

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