Meet the Dutch designer of pillows from Factory of Seeds Emiel van der Beek

Factory of Seeds – Dutch Design by Emiel van der Beek

Meet the owner of Factory of Seeds Emiel van der Beek

Factory of Seeds originates from love of design and the profession of tailoring.
We are an entereprise of a number of product developers, designers, and a few freelance employees.
The quality without compromise of Vuitton suitcases, the Bentleys, fashion by Yves Saint Laurent and Chanel are some of our sources of inspiration.
As in fashion, we design and manifacture collections.
We use the traditions of tailoring and innovate where possible.
The finishing relates to that of tailor made costumes by Brioni, Borrelli. 

From idea to product

On visits to our suppliers we choose the fabrics that inspire us.
Back at our studio we carefully select the different fabrics for the development, design and production process


At every stage we research and evaluate all possible aspects of the future product
Development: working from the idea towards the nature of the product: researching and establishing it’s properties and the appropriate tailoring techniques



Design stage 1: choosing the fabrics, determining visual appearance and it’s impact
Design stage 2: fusing development and design by structuring the tailoring techniques, making a trial product, extensive testing of the results, durability, comfort, and visual appearance



The final design is ready for production only, when no more improvements can be made
Only then have we succeeded in transforming our idea into a product, and the basis for a collection

All our design cushions are manufactured with various types of high quality upholstery fabrics
The stuffing of the cushions consists of organic, anti-allergic fowl feathers and very small acrylate tubes
This combination provides a lot of seating comfort and a long-term retention of resilience and form
With our products we aim to add a special value to your interior
Our cushions are designed and manufactured in our studio in The Hague